Over the years of working with our clients, Lean Biologix has created innovative tools to complete projects with the highest degree of efficiency. Some of tools been refined and developed into products that can be applied across the industry.

Below are just some of the products we've developed for some of our clients.  These examples can be easily customized for any clients application or used as reference to illustrate to new clients what is possible.  We've made time-saving reports, inventory applications, and automated programs, to name a few; We can tailor our team's skills to meet your every need.

Maintenance Spare Parts Kitting Program

Lean Biologix worked with one client to quickly deliver parts to their production floor.  The program allowed the parts manager to review a forecast of the work schedule and the work orders requiring parts delivery.  With a few clicks of the mouse, a list of part labels and work information are generated in the stock area to be picked and delivered in half the time and effort.  The labels are printed in the order most efficient in picking the parts in the stock area so the fewest steps are taken to get the job done.

Web Applications


Often time a solution needs to be accessible to an entire organization.  Lean Biologix has developed web applications in these cases to allow users access from anywhere at any time.  The web application in this example is simple but powerful to provide a large number of users real time data that are the keys to making them more productive.  The applications for these solutions are limitless and extremely powerful

Information from the Backend


Logging in and signing on to an application just to get information is a waste of time.  Lean Biologix has developed applications to deliver the information to user without the need to login.  Just enter the query parameters and access the results.  These solutions can be validated or not depending on the application and the use of the resulting data.