Continuous Computer Software Assurance (CCSA)

The modern computer software assurance model champions a computer system validation program with effective risk assessment processes.  Life science companies have streamlined processes and are focused on meaningful testing of high risk requirements that affect product quality and patient safety.

Regression testing of high risk functional requirements is an ideal use case for automated testing. System owners can automatically verify all critical business functions daily or ad-hoc when performing validation of system updates and changes.

The video below illustrates the ease and time savings of integrating automated testing into the modern computer system validation platform.


Sample Test Execution

The test above shows a regression test of setup of 4 important functional requirements.

  1. Setup of an item in inventory
  2. Vendor Setup
  3. Purchase Quote Creation
  4. Invoicing

Full regression test including validated report is completed in under 40 seconds. Scaling automated testing across functional requirements dramatically decreases testing time and streamlines the change control post-execution verification process.


Applicable to all browser based applications such as:

  • QMS
  • ERP
  • CMMS / EAM
  • MES
  • LIMS
  • PAT
  • EDMS
  • BI

Ideal for a Range of Applications:

Automated Computer Validation Testing is suited for organizations seeking to enhance the validation of their GMP software applications for life science manufacturers. This method is applicable for on-premise, hosted cloud, and particularly for fully SaaS applications that have regularly scheduled updates.

Get Started Today:

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Automated Computer Software Assurance – Streamline CSV

When performing computer systems validation activities speed, efficiency, and accuracy are keys to success.

Implementation of Automated Testing services makes it easier to monitor and support key GMP software applications.  Employing modern technology to ensure compliance and quality is now the minimum standard in the  in pharma and biotech industries.


Transform Your Validation Process:

  • Reduce Manual Efforts: Automate repetitive and time-consuming manual or ALM scripts, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic tasks.
  • Enhance Accuracy and Reliability: Minimize human error and increase the precision of your testing processes, ensuring a higher standard of GMP compliance.
  • Accelerated Testing Cycles: Experience faster turnaround times in your testing cycles, enabling quicker system validation and deployment.
  • Consistent Reporting: Gain insightful and detailed reports, providing clear visibility into the testing process and outcomes.

SaaS Validation using Automation 2024


The life sciences industry is moving toward the SaaS systems model for compliance, security, and cost benefits. The previous paradigm of creating independent test scripts and manual testing is being replaced by comprehensive testing strategies and automated testing.

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