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HxGN EAM is industry-leading, compliant, and powerful

HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) is helping life sciences organizations implement a critical asset management prescriptive maintenance approach as they evolve from simple Enterprise Asset Management to Asset Performance Management (APM). As reliability and sustainability needs increase, organizations need an APM solution that has evolved to meet their requirements in a single system.


Evolution of Maintenance Technology


Reactive/preventative maintenance on a predetermined schedule



Predictive and condition based maintenance to monitor asset conditions



Predictive and machine learning models determined when assets will fail and identify people, processes, and tools to fix issues


Why Choose HxGN EAM?

Hexagon is a global leader in enterprise asset management, sensor, software, and autonomous solutions. HxGN EAM puts data to work to increase efficiency and supports compliance for global leaders in the life sciences industry. 21CFR11 and cGMP guidelines are top of mind and fully supported by the HxGN EAM solution. On-premise or in the cloud as SaaS, the requirements and guidelines for electronic records, system access, audit trails, document control, traceability, and reporting are tailored to the life sciences industry out of the box.

Who Can Take Advantage?

HxGN EAM is suitable for implementation for companies of all sizes. The system allows managing assets to optimize operational efficiency and decision making. Lean Biologix provides clients with the knowledge to turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

Additionally, our cloud migration validation services help life sciences companies focus on improving asset management, not IT infrastructure, all at a predictable cost.

We help our clients excel in the following areas:

  • Optimizing resource and skill availability
  • Reducing and streamlining compliance activities
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Enhancing bottom- line performance
  • Avoiding or minimizing production downtime

HxGN EAM core features

HxGN EAM is comprised of Modern High End APM Solution Components

Asset Management

The basic Asset Registry contains metadata and asset structure. HxGN EAM is designed to support conditional data as assessed by manual discovery, tests, or data systems driving condition ratings, risk prioritization ratings, criticality ratings, availability ratings, etc.

Work History

In addition to standard preventative maintenance, HxGN’s work order management tracks asset work alongside solution and failure codes to inform decisions and support reliability centered maintenance (RCM) programs.

Real-time condition data

Modern Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial IoT (IIoT) data practices provide dynamic data via equipment sensors and instrumentation. Real-time conditional data such as vibration thresholds on a pump can be combined with work order and equipment metadata to trigger work events before failure.

Algorithms and modeling analytics

Asset, Work History, and real-time data can be combined and analyzed to identify an impending failure. The system can be configured to alert users and inform integrated systems to order relevant parts and realign resources.


Comprehensive asset performance management includes connections with input systems for conditional equipment data. Integration with an ERP system, materials resource planning (MRP) application, warehouse system, or supply chain execution system allows automated processes to take quick action.

Lean Biologix Recommends These High Value Use Cases

  1. Ensure regulatory compliance
  2. Reduce overall maintenance costs via predictive maintenance
  3. Schedule and plan maintenance proactively
  4. Automate equipment alerts and communication
  5. Mobile Accessibility
  6. Maintenance strategy
  1. Increase your return on assets
  2. Improve the effectiveness of your labor
  3. Reduce wing production time
  4. Decrease production downtime
  5. Reliability Engineering
  6. Understand OEE

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