Lean process, octagon shapes

Alnylan ETOP process for Norton Manufacturing

Project Scope

The top RNAi Manufacturer built a new manufacturing site to support their new products. The site construction was underway without an established plan to collect and organize all of the construction, testing and commissioning documents. The goal was to generate an electronic system to manage and update these documents for the life-cycle of the facility.

Summary of Engagement

Lean Biologix established a process for defining the requirements for each process and utility system within the scope of the project. The result was an structured electronic file system with links to records for each system and a library of documents common across many systems.

Vertex Warehouse Automation

The world leader in Cystic Fibrosis treatment initiated a program to improve their warehouse operations in support of manufacturing and shipment of components to CMO. The goal was to perform real-time transactions and improve accuracy of materials movement. 

Biogen Clinical Packaging and Labeling operation